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Nathan Bolton is making something delightful

I Make Websites

My designs are as accessible, lightweight and as respectful of their visitors as possible (within the constraints of the late-capitalist hellscape we live in.)

And Games

Making games is a lot of work, and I’m just getting started. I love strong aesthetics, crunchy mechanics-focused games, and unapologetically gay games.

And Strategies

I’d rather be in a cozy corner away from strangers. But when I must, I can organize a project, develop web standards guides, training materials, and even small workshops.

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Lead Web Designer

May 2016 – Present Bone Creative

The BONE Creative team and I work closely with clients to create custom websites that meet their every need for aesthetics and usability.

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Freelance Game Developer

May 2016 – Present

I moonlight as a freelance game designer and developer. I’m the sole creator of several games, exploring different aesthetics and gameplay.

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Bachelor of Design

SEPT 2014 – APR 2016 Vancouver island University Education
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Assoc. Web Designer

May 2012 – Aug 2014 College of New Caledonia
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Diploma, New Media & Design

Sept 2010 – APR 2012 College of New Caledonia Education