Extremely angular photo of the National Post cover showing a woman holding up a Canadian flag.

National Post

This is a student project, with the goal of getting millennials to pick up a newspaper. The target newspaper for this strategy was the National Post.

Reading time
1 minute, 10 seconds

The Solution

This project needed to make news feel local, personal, and relevant to the reader. To accomplish this, I chose to create a weekly paper that ran only the most relevant stories, and paired them with the author’s personal reflections.

The digital component was also essential; I proposed embedding an NFC chip in each page of the paper. Tapping the chip with your mobile device would immediately bring you to the digital edition of the paper. Here you could save stories you wanted to read later, or take the whole paper with you in your pocket.

But most importantly for my intended audience, this would be your opportunity to go social; discuss the story with the community, and get rewarded for being a good reader and commenter.

Community members would be able to up-vote good discussion topics, drawing attention to them, and awarding the original poster with prestige points. They’d also be able to down-vote low quality posts, suppressing them and costing prestige. This would incentivize positive participation and game-ify the experience of reading the news, thereby fostering a community and encouraging the reader to return week after week.

It’s only a prototype for now, but I believe this is the future of news consumption.