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College of New Caledonia

College of New Caledonia

In 2012, the College of New Caledonia realized that its mobile web traffic was rapidly increasing. Their audience was beginning to expect a website that was easy to use, no matter what device it was viewed on. They needed a full website redesign to provide for these new expectations.

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The Process

CNC decided that responsive web design—the use of one website that adapts to different screen sizes—was the way forward. This technique was beginning to become an industry standard, but best practices hadn’t solidified. As CNC’s two-person web team, Anwen Roberts and I worked our way through issues such as mobile-friendly navigation.

Not everything went right the first time. But we iterated. We solicited feedback. We set up analytics and made data-driven decisions. Ultimately, we developed an interface that worked.

Stakeholder discussion document

As the redesign expanded into more sections of the website, I developed a more thorough consultation process. I pioneered a redesign of the academic calendar section of the website, an area that was understandably precious to many people in the organization. I ran a series of stakeholder interviews where I worked closely with those involved, listening to their hopes and needs, and using this collaboration to guide my design. In the end, I successfully the redesigned and re-launched the Trades section of the website.